Build better PDKs & CAD "apps," faster

Veda is a suite of state-of-the-art programming tools and libraries for the EDA world.

It makes you more productive, notably in the Cadence SKILL® and SKILL++® languages.

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Notable features in version 0.7.0

The veda command-line tool

The veda command-line tool is a SKILL/SKILL++ workflow utility, documented in manual pages, with support for:

Veda Edit

This version of Veda includes the the Edit application server, which runs in your environment, and operates on your project's files.

Just like the online version, the editor can be accessed remotely from a modern web browser, either directly or through an SSH connection.

To get you started, the contents of the demo have been included in the package: cf. trying the demo for details.

Reusable libraries

Easy to use (and reuse!) libraries, featuring extensive API documentation;

Smart IDE components and plugins

The components and plugins which power Veda Edit can also be used in other editors and command-line tools.

There is also an Emacs mode with code intelligence (not bundled in this release, but available on demand), and other editors (notably Vim and Sublime Text) could be easily supported. Get in touch if you want to know more!

Release notes for version 0.7.0

Private Beta 1

New commands:

edit [options]

Edit code with a powerful IDE

format [options] file...

Format SKILL/SKILL++ source code

doc [options] [pkg...]

Generate HTML documentation

condense [options] [file...]

Generate static API definitions

Other changes

Too numerous to list; it's been a while since the last published version of Veda!

The highlight of this release is obviously Edit, a smart code editor with stellar support for SKILL/SKILL++.

Edit rests on a huge technology stack that we have been developing over the course of many years. The EDA-related parts of Edit are built with reusable libraries of Interop Code, which compile to C++, Java, or JavaScript, and are designed to seamlessly interoperate with the Cadence (and the other EDA vendor's) ecosystems.

It's is one of the pillars of the Veda project and sustainable development methodology:

Older versions

Versions 0.3.0...0.6.1

Private use and demonstrators.

Version 0.2.0

Technology Preview 2

New commands

The following commands have been added, with complete documentation, also accessible via veda help command:


Print basic version information


Interactively setup, check and repair environment

new-workarea [options] wa-name

Set up a new project workarea

add-package pkg-name...

Add package(s) to project workarea

new-jenkins-job [options] pkg-name...

Create job(s) for Jenkins CI

Other changes

Version 0.1.0

Initial technology preview.