veda-condense - Generate static API definitions


veda condense [-o file] [-p pkg] [--preload file] [-l] [--locations-from dir] [-r dir] [--name name] [file...]


Generates static API definitions for packages or files.


-o file, --output file

Write the output to file instead of stdout.

-p pkg, --package pkg

Condense package pkg rather than a list of discrete source files.

--preload file

Parse and analyze file before condensing. The functions and types defined in file will be used for subsequent analyses, but not included in the static result.

-l, --locations

Include relative source locations in definitions.

--locations-from dir

Make source locations generated by -l relative from dir.

-r dir, --package-root dir

Append dir to the package search path. Use the default search path if this option is not used.

--name name

Specify the library name of the condensed definitions. Default to pkg if -p is used, and "unnamed" otherwise.