Crosstwine Labs

Test, helped by a relentless assistant

Test is our low-overhead framework that helps adopt modern testing practices.

Exercise tests manually, and publish them as automated (and isolated) jobs triggered by changes to the repository.

Always be ready to release the last known-good combination of code units.

Starting with an empty workspace, this screencast shows how to use the Crosstwine Veda command-line tool to create a new workarea, two Cadence SKILL(++) source code packages, and get (some of) their tests running in a freshly configured instance of Jenkins CI.


Very Lightweight

Test favors convention over configuration, and autodiscovers runnable tests.


Quickly load and run test(s) in your existing session.

Command-Line Runner

Quickly load and run the tests of a software unit after loading it (and its transitive dependencies) into a fresh interpreter.

$ veda test-package csv
    Testing csv
=== RUN Test_CsvGood
--- PASS: Test_CsvGood
=== RUN Test_CsvBad
--- PASS: Test_CsvBad
Jenkins CI Integration

Test can automatically create and upload job definitions for Jenkins CI, a very popular and extensible continous integration framework.