Crosstwine Labs

Interoperate with other technologies

Who has time to reinvent the wheel?

Our packages and runtime components allow Cadence Virtuoso® or Allegro®-hosted code to seamlessly interact with the world:

Interactive Demo

Notes: requires a modern SVG-enabled browser. Can be opened in a dedicated window.

SVG, HTML, HTTP and interop code work together to embed vector-graphics views of pcell configurations in remote web-based applications or interactive PDK documentation.

Original MEMS pcells from the ADM project used with the generous permission of Robert W. Johnstone.


Reusable Components

Consume/produce industry-standard data formats such as CSV and JSON with fully-documented, battle-tested libraries available in our component store.

Build robust CAD applications and tools thanks to proper parsing, quoting and interpretation of the specifications.

Embedded HTTP Server

Start an asynchronous HTTP server in your SKILL session, and export information, rich SVG graphics, or even interactive bits of UI to a remote browser.

Interop Code

Write “interop code” to bridge the gap between the PDK/EDA-specific parts of your application and the rest of your code hosted on a different runtime, such as the Java VM, modern web browsers, or the raw environment provided by the native operating system.