veda-doc - Generate HTML documentation


veda doc [-o dir] [-p pkg] [-a] [-r dir] [--clean] [--unexported] [--sources] [pkg...]


Generates static HTML documentation for packages or files.


-o dir, --out-dir dir

Generate documentation in dir instead of ./skill-docs. The target directory must not exist unless --clean is used.

-p pkg, --package pkg

Append pkg to the list of packages to process.

-a, --all-packages

Automatically include every package found in the package search path.

-r dir, --package-root dir

Append dir to the package search path. Use the default search path if this option is not used.


First remove the output directory (cf. -o, --out-dir) if it exists.


Include unexported, but documented identifiers.


Generate and include color-highlighted sources, hyperlinking identifiers.