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A long while ago, Ciprian Dorin Craciun asked:

[…] is there somewhere an HTML version of the R7RS available? (I mean not the PDF one translated to HTML with two columns, etc., but a “proper” HTML rendering.)

To which John Cowan replied:

I tried Aubrey Jaffer’s rrrs2txi after teaching it to believe in R7RS (change “(r 6” to “(r 7” and “r6rs” to “r7rs” in two places), but its TeX parser doesn’t like some of our notation. You can install SCM and SLIB from and then download the script from if you want to experiment with it.

Given texinfo format, texi2any will get you HTML.

I made a bit of progress on this; the results can be found in branch xt-r7rs2txi of this repository.

The results are far from perfect, but arguably already useful.

This is all “very WIP,” and the branch will probably end up being rewritten a few times–so please don’t depend on these specific commits. Comments are nevertheless very welcome!

For convenience, here are downloadable/browsable files reflecting the current results:

Hope this helps,
Damien Diederen