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From: Cadence Community PCB SKILL forum post

I am developing a SKILL program which has to interact with an executable written in C++. How can I run the external command, and get at the results?

I have tried the following, which was suggested by another poster:

system("program arg1 arg2...")

but that doesn’t seem to work.

From: Damien Diederen <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 00:54:04 +0100

Hi mostly anonymous,

I can confirm that system("program arg1 arg2...") should work.

One thing which might be going wrong is that under Windows, reverse solidus (\) characters have to be doubled in literal strings, as they otherwise clash with the SKILL escape mechanism:

system("e:\\work\\program.exe arg1 arg2...")

Another thing to watch out for is spaces in the path to the binary; I’m not even sure about the proper quoting mechanism under Windows… the following might work, but I’d double check the docs for cmd.exe:

system("\"c:\\Program Files\\My\\Program.exe\" arg1 arg2...")

(And similarly for the arguments.)

Another solution, which offers more control—but suffers from the same quoting madness—would be to use the ipc* family of functions (ipcBeginProcess, etc.). I have put together a small example at:

and you will find a complete package attached to this message (tested under Linux). [Unpacked here -Ed.]

Hope this helps,