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Build better PDKs & CAD “apps,” faster

Veda is the suite of state-of-the-art programming tools for the EDA world which we presented at CDNLive EMEA 2014. Version 0.7.0 is available as part of the beta program.

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Ever been bitten by the suboptimal performance of a dynamic language? Tired of having to “drop down” to C/C++ to implement your business logic? Interested in providing your customers with Python®, Ruby or another dynamic language for scripting, but wary of the consequences? Wondering how to bring your own proprietary language up to modern standards without hiring a team of virtual machine experts?

We can help.

We provide low-level software engineering, integration and consulting services to businesses and start-ups, with a specific focus on modern and efficient dynamic language “runtimes,” based on our Crosstwine Linker platform and other industry standards.

You focus on your core competency, and we take care of the details that make delicate virtual machine plumbing interact seamlessly, efficiently and reliably with your software.

We have extensive experience modifying the Python and Ruby implementations (follow the links to try our technology demos), and are looking forward to extending our knowledge and methodologies to encompass others.

Our services include:

We realize that outstanding successes require a delicate mix of excellent communication and technical competency, and thus aim to excel on both fronts: our goal is to become a renowned provider of “deeply technical services, with a humane twist.” We solve your real-world problems, communicate clearly and honestly on the issues at hand, and provide concrete, measurable results.

To discuss services, quotes and availability, please contact us.